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Comprehensive book for students studying electronics and communications engineering. And this applies not only to assignments: about 200 pages that should be read and memorized contain answers to almost all questions that may arise when reading the course.
To do this, the author (John Shockley, 1962) used the feedback principle to include students in the process of creating devices that, as the author thinks, can most effectively use the principles inherent in the equipment. This book is rightfully considered one of the best books on the principles and devices embedded in computers, and therefore it can be recommended for an in-depth study of the principles of operation and behavior of electronic devices in general, their functions and principles of organization, for the analysis of both constructive and technological aspects. microprocessor and microcomputer.
Simplified system of bringing to trial - an introduction to criminal justice.
John Wenzel, Adolf Larmor.
Currently, the criminal process, despite the rapid progress in computer technology, is often not efficient enough and open to torture, legal tricks and deceit. The number of crimes motivated by hate and racism is on the rise. Hate crimes should receive the widest, fastest and most effective international and domestic scrutiny, but it is still very difficult to find their proper legal framework.
The manual contains recommendations on the application of international law and, in particular, conventions for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as procedural codes of different countries. Part of this book is written in English, but the instructions given here, the procedure for applying legal norms, are often clear even to those who have only read the chapter on procedural law.
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